Saturday, March 13, 2010

From the BAMOO Sculpture Garden: Tea Pot & Sympathy

Tea Pot & Sympathy

Artist: W. Hughes, late 1990s

Ceramic: Weight 3 lbs / Height 8" / Irregular Shape

This vessel, an abstract "tea pot," impresses the Bad Art patron with its bold use of form but a complete lack of function.  Its design is believed to based something that Ayn Rand's Howard Rourke would create following a evening of tempestuous sex with Dominque Francone, so she would have something to break when the mood struck her after the stick turned blue.

NOTE:  Very few works of bad art shock and frighten BAMOO's Director of Visual Significance into silence as this one did. Stunned, the item was referred the to BAMOO's Visual Interpretation Committee which was left just as speechless by this "object d' art" by objecting to it. Heated discussions (at times conducted silently with frantic finger pointing accompanied with vivid facial expressions) over its confused execution.

Whatever it is, bad karma is at its essence.

Our donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, literally BUMPED into this work, breaking it inside an art gallery in Royal Oak, Michigan. She was required to pay for her misstep with a check for the unbelievably obscene amount of $280.90. The work was then "fixed" by the its creator and some some crazy glue.  BAMOO has the teapot and the receipt to prove it, making this the single most expensive donation to BAMOO.  Therefore, we offer our thanks for the donation, and our sympathy for paying for it.


  1. it sure looks like barbara eden broke out of it, then decided to take a shit on it.

    do call Chubb to get it insured. only the finest for the finest.

  2. You know, I actually had a guest come to our house, see this and beg for it? The man started offering money. I had to cast him from our house and banish him forever. BAMOO cannot be bought like a common whore or the Cleveland Museum of Art!

  3. BAMOO may not be able to be bought, but what about its proprietress?


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