Sunday, March 17, 2013

Change of Venue

Fritzie, our mascot. 

Dear Bad Art Patron,

It is with heavy heart that we must report that the Ohio Bad Art Museum has been run out of Ohio by members of the art establishment bourgeoisie who do not understand that Art can be, and often times is, bad. Very bad.  And there is nothing shameful in celebrating that aspect of the art.

These poor misbegotten fools insist that art is ART! and all art is good.

We find this outlook provincial.

If art is only allowed to make one feel and weep, then it is simply a two dimensional medium.  Where is the joy in the Gross Clinic, other than the irony of its name?

We disagree with this self aggrandizing, overtly serious, black clothed parvenus in ugly eye wear!

We felt that we had to flee and have fled to a more place more like us.

That said, The Executive Director and the Collection Curator have relocated to Baltimore, Maryland with the entire collection intact.

Having visited Divine's grave in Towson, Maryland (overlooking Macy's) we have prayed for guidance and believe that we may have found a home for the collection.

Rest assured that every piece in the Collection is crated and in safe holding.  We are looking for members of the New Board of Trustees.  But before we do anything it is vital that we find a new acronym.

We hope to relaunch on Tumblr this fall.

Charmingly yours,

The Executive Director. 

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  1. I think your new acronym should be: BAMOOIE (for Bad Art Museum Of Ohio In Exile)


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