Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dragon Lady Adrift

Dragon Lady Adrift

M. Rini, Artist,

Acrylic on Canvas, 16X20

In a far off land, enveloped in intrigue, you enter a dark bar filled with unsavory characters. What you want is a cold beer. What you find is trouble, and its dressed in magenta silk. Her name unimportant, but her measurements (36-24-36) are. You look at her and then turn your head to look at the wheezing corpulent man in the opposite corner of the bar. She looks at the same man in the opposite corner while she is looking at you. The dreaded Dragon Lady, armed with her diabolical drifting eye, has you both right where she wants you. The question is, which of you is in her good eye, and which one will not live to see the sunrise come morning...

Special Note: DLA was obtained from the estate of a 92 year-old lady, this picture hung in her home for as long as any of her family members could remember. Several of them thought it could have been their Grandma as a young girl; they claimed that she had eyes in the back of her head.

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  1. this IS kate hepburn in Dragon Seed!

  2. Here's another example of bad art--a statue called Okeanos:

  3. Whatto!
    We have an awful waxworks near us which is supposedly the worst in the World
    Fortunately all the publicity meant visitor numbers increased and it is still in business!
    Maybe the same thing will work here? Tallyho!

  4. I kinda like it!!! :)
    Great post! Thanks for the share.
    follow me on
    xoxo, A


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