Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Elaine & Reggie

Helen V. Foster, Artist
Oil on Canvas 24"X37"

The color. The hues. The wind that blows the scarf beneath her chin. The luminescence that lights the buttons on her blouse like the main runway at O'Hare International. The large lemon-like Pee Wee Herman style chair. The hair do and dual lip color. The missing right arm. The vibrancy that is all present except in the emotion of the subject and the aloof nature her dog. 

It is all for naught: ennui is all that remains as conveyed in Eliane's drifting eye. Touche.

SPECIAL NOTE: There has been great debate in art circles as to the origins of Elaine & Reggie. The work has even caused some art scholars to ask is "Reggie" really "Elaine"?

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