Tuesday, February 2, 2010



We were visiting today and noticed the Notice of Copyright.  What does that mean?

Just sign me,

Curious in Fostoria

Dear Fostoria,

It is an unfortunate bit-o-business, but because BAMOO owns the works, we also own the rights to their use for use on products.  Therefore we have to put the wording in lest anyone - inlcuding a certain nation of many, many people who are notorious for copyright infringements  - decide that they want to open a Bad Art Museum of their own and try and use our works.  We doubt we would have a snow flakes chance in Aruba of winning any litigation, but we have to protect the integrity of our Bar Art and its use.

Yours in Bad Art,

The Esteemed Director, BAMOO

If you have questions regarding Bad Art, find our emial on this page and send us a note.  We'll consider the validity of your question, assign four or five Art History majors to it, and get back to you when we can!

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