Friday, February 19, 2010

Lesson Three: If we say its bad, its bad, period.

For this lesson, let us explore the concept that as a Bad Art aficionado, one finds a work of Bad Art not to be "bad", but in fact finds it good.  "That isn't bad - I' kinda of like it." is something that we often hear in the galleries of BAMOO's spacious museum.  What is one experiencing?

One is experiencing Bad Art with honest emotions - simply because something is "bad" does not mean that it is an offense to every set of eyes in the world.  There is no shame in loving Bad Art - we do it every day.

The shame, however is in thinking that because one loves a work of Bad Art that it is not bad, just misunderstood.  In this instance, the uneducated person who is not in tune with his or her honesty, feels That they have some sort of magical power within to redeem Bad Art into something legitimate.  This is a fallacy and one is mistaken if one thinks this.  One's taste is never as flawless as one thinks, unless one is objective and admits that in order to love that which is truly beautiful, one must also love that which is honestly bad.

To be honest with one's self is to admit that something can be deemed as "bad" and to love it as "bad" is a good thing.  One feel not guilty for loving bad art.  One only need feel guilty for loving that which is bland or mediocre, like Michael Bolton , or Wal-Mart, or even melba toast (unless it is a man in a dress performing ballads on stage as 'Melba Toast', "The Artiste Supreme!") - that is really an admission that one has settled for less, rather than more.


The Esteemed Director

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