Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Still Life with Snoutless Dog

Still Life With Snoutless Dog

Unknown, Artist (Acrylic on Art Board; 20"X 16") ca. 1960 -- BAMOO Permanent Collection

This marks BAMOO's first official acquisition by the noted, and prolific artist, Unknown. 'Still Life with Snoutless Dog' was intended to be a study in relationships by the very nature of the ubiquitous planter, decanter and lap dog -- all of which are common everyday items found on table tops everywhere.  

Detail from 'Still Life with Snoutless Dog' ->

Details, such as the ones found in the ears, tail & rear thigh and facial cavity have helped to propel Still Life with Snoutless Dog to BAMOO's most talked about work of bad art.

Unknown's mastery of negative space -- offset by a festive dog collar -- in place of the familiar snout compels one to wonder what one would find inside the facial void.

Like all of Unknown's art, this work is unsigned, thus making it an authentic work by one of the most mysterious arts of our epoch.

BAMOO is pleased to point out that Still Life with Snoutless Dog received international acclaim in 1999 when it was compared to Robert Maplethrope's works by Cincinnati Enquirer columnist Laura Pulfer.  We are honored, as we know Mr. Maplethrope is was would have been as well at the comparision.

In honor of this honor "Fritzie" as he has been named, is the offical mascot of BAMOO.

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