Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day From BAMOO

Lavender Behind

Artist: Jan   Acrylic on Board (16"X20")  Romantic Tones of Lavender Accented in Black

Tri-Saphoism / Lesbianism - Rococco

Lavender Behind Artist "Jan" relies upon the subtle trinity of monochromic hues, repetitive shapes and a portion of the human form, to achieve the pure bad art goal of objectifying the object. Hearts randomly abound like Birkenstocks in a Michigan field during August; their meaning a metaphor for the rampant and unspoken desire that dare not speak its name. Viva la Papillon d' Amour!

In an interesting and unwomynly turn of events, the artist signs her name inside a heart with the unabashed zeal usually seen high school students who dots their "i" with open circles; Too cute!

Joined BAMOO Collection 8-2000.  A gift from an anonymous dumster proximate to The Ohio State University

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We will return with more Bad Art on Febraury 16, 2010.


  1. In a good way, or a bad way? "What does it make you feel?" as Sally Jesse Rottensmell would ask.


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