Friday, February 12, 2010

Lesson Two: Who decides if its bad?

In our last lesson we discussed how the Art Establishment isn't what it thinks that is.  With this matter cleared up, we'll discuss how art should be fun.

For far too long art has been a serious, serious affair. And we in the Bad Art movement believe that this seriousness has stifled an appreciation of art. As a result, people feel intimidated by art instead of "feeling" the art.

Art should illicit any number of reactions. And those reactions are honest as long as one allows themselves to react honestly. Now spitting at the Mona Lisa will get you arrested, but if it causes you to laugh aloud who is to say that this reaction is improper?

And so it is with Bad Art, which has been deemed such by a group of people who claim to be authorities in the matter. They have looked at a piece of art and they have reacted honestly to it and have called it bad for any number of reasons.

Earlier in the wee a work entitled Oodles the Three Legged Poodle debuted on this blog. It was certainly not the intent of the artist to paint a bad painting of Oodles. She probably went at it with the best of intentions, but something went horribly wrong, either in her perception or in her execution. What was clearly a piece of tribute art for a beloved pet is something altogether different in the end result. In the partitioning Oodles is pestered by two large blue balls, has a brassiere shaped patch of fur and three legs. The crowning glory is that Miller indicates through Oodles eyes that he is fearful of the those big blue balls.

So if Bad Art is defined as the best of intentions gone horribly wrong, shouldn't some good from it? If it brings a smile to your face, or makes you stop and consider all that is going on (or not going on) - if seeing this painting as Bad Art makes you appreciate it, then its not a failure - it is eliciting a response, and therefore it is a success.

Thus Bad Art frees you to look at a painting or sculpture and honestly say "its Bad Art and I'm not ashamed to say so."

Our next posting will be this coming Monday.

Yours in Bad Art,

The Esteemed Director, BAMOO

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